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gear recommendations

Quality gear is imperative for students to have a safe and frustration-free experience that does not distract from learning.  We will be contacting you after sign up to see if your gear is appropriate for our time together.  Don't have gear or need to upgrade?  Here are some low cost, high quality examples.

Blade-Tech Holsters
Raven Concealment Holsters

Mastermind Tactics Belt
Blue Alpha Belt
Wilderness Tactical Belt
Blade-Tech Mag Pouches

Student Equipment List

*Positive attitude, willingness to learn, sense of humor

*Pocket size notebook, pen, and Sharpie marker.

*At least 1 reliable handgun, preferably duty/full size, capable of holding at least 10 rounds.

*Quality holster that does not require a trigger finger button actuation to release pistol (no Serpa, Sigtac), maintains rigidity when pistol is removed (no nylon, suede, or other soft material), does not have a retention strap that holds the pistol in the holster, worn outside of the pants on the belt at approximately 3 o'clock.

*A rigid, double layer belt specifically designed to carry the weight of a loaded firearm.

*At least 2 magazine pouches.

*At least 3 magazines (5+ preferred).

*300 rounds of quality ammunition that you have verified works in your handgun.

*Ear and eye protection, sunscreen and ball cap.

*Clothing/footwear suitable for a day hike (check forecast, bring more warmth than you think you'll need).

*Lunch, snacks and water. We will have a short, working lunch and will not have time leave the facility to pick up food.  Bringing a folding chair may make for a more comfortable experience.

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