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***no refunds within 30 days of the class***

Purchasing a ticket reserves your spot in the class.  Holding that spot and then wanting to cancel deprives others of the opportunity to sign up for the class.  Please only sign up for a class if you are sure you will attend.  Please make sure that you have all of the requisite gear prior to the class:


Pistol Principles 1 is a challenging and technical course for beginner to intermediate shooters (90% of the people reading this). We go into great detail on the fundamentals of marksmanship and how to shoot quickly and accurately. THIS IS NOT LIKE MOST PISTOL 1 CLASSES!  We will challenge your skills to a high degree in this class.  At the end of our PP1 course, you will have the tools to be able to shoot a target on demand with a high degree of precision.

***You should have a working knowledge on how to operate and shoot your pistol before taking this class***

Pistol Principles 1
March 11, 2023


Pistol Principles 2 takes a deeper dive on how to shoot faster and starts to introduce how to engage multiple targets at an advanced level.  Shooting while moving will be introduced.  Students must be a graduate of Pistol Principles 1 or be able to score at least on 80 on The Test

Pistol Principles 2
February 18, 2023

Future PP3 Classes Will Be Listed Here...

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