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Meet The Team



James is the HMFIC.  He has been shooting since 1996 and has been teaching in some capacity since 1993.  Having served for a 600+ sworn law enforcement agency, he has tactical experience as a former SWAT officer.  Since discovering competition in 2011, he has been competing on a regular basis and currently holds the rank of Master in both USPSA and GSSF.

James also holds instructor certifications from the NRA and NROI.  He has a passion for teaching and believes good instructorship is a separate skill that must be honed on its own.



Beau has been shooting since 2003, is ranked Expert in IDPA and has instructor certification from the NRA. 


Beau has received hundreds of hours of training from Louis Awerbuck, Bob Vogel, Larry Vickers, Rob Haught, Ken Hackathorn, Mike Pannone, Frank Proctor, Ben Stoeger, Kyle Defoor, John Steinbaugh, Bruce Gray, Craig Douglas and others. 

When not on the range Beau enjoys taiyaki and post punk records.

T3 Pros LLC continuing education


-Sayoc Tactical Group Pistol 1.0

-Dave Re Pistol Class

-NRA Pistol Instructor Course
-Ken Hackathorn 2-Day Advanced Handgun
-Spartan Concepts Pistol 3
-LMS Defense Vehicle Defense

-NROI Certification

-Louis Awerbuck Low Light Defensive Handgun
-Louis Awerbuck Pistol 2
-Larry Vickers Carbine/Pistol
-Bob Vogel Advanced Practical Shooting
-G. F. Competition Class
-Frank Proctor 2-Day Performance Pistol
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Max Michel Pistol Class
-Craig Douglas Shivworks ECQC

-Instructor for Women on Target
-V. S. Match Director Training Class
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Instructor for Basic Rifle Class
-Max Michel Advanced Pistol Class
-Kyle DeFoor Carbine and Pistol Class
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class 2

-First Responder Medical Class w/ Army 18D
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class

-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class
-Kyle DeFoor Pistol Class
-NRA Instructor Courses - Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class (LEO Tactics Class)

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class
-Northern Red Gunfighter Pistol Class

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Tactical Performance Center Class - Handgun Mastery 1

-Tactical Performance Center Class - Handgun Mastery 2


-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC

-Big Panda Performance 2-Day Competition Class (Charlie Perez)

-Christian Sailer USPSA Class

-Stop The Bleed Class Coordinator/Asst. Instructor


-Tim Herron Practical Performance Class

-Modern Samurai Red Dot Instructor Class

-Tom Castro Shooting Academy Class

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