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Meet The Instructor



James is the HMFIC.  He has been shooting since 1996 and has been teaching in some capacity since 1993.  Having served for a 600+ sworn law enforcement agency, he has tactical experience as a former SWAT officer.  Since discovering competition in 2011, he has been competing on a regular basis and currently holds the rank of Master in both USPSA and GSSF.

James also holds instructor certifications from the NRA and NROI.  He has a passion for teaching and believes good instructorship is a separate skill that must be honed on its own.

T3 Pros LLC continuing education


-Sayoc Tactical Group Pistol 1.0

-Dave Re Pistol Class

-NRA Pistol Instructor Course
-Ken Hackathorn 2-Day Advanced Handgun
-Spartan Concepts Pistol 3
-LMS Defense Vehicle Defense

-NROI Certification

-Louis Awerbuck Low Light Defensive Handgun
-Louis Awerbuck Pistol 2
-Larry Vickers Carbine/Pistol
-Bob Vogel Advanced Practical Shooting
-G. F. Competition Class
-Frank Proctor 2-Day Performance Pistol
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Max Michel Pistol Class
-Craig Douglas Shivworks ECQC

-Instructor for Women on Target
-V. S. Match Director Training Class
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Instructor for Basic Rifle Class
-Max Michel Advanced Pistol Class
-Kyle DeFoor Carbine and Pistol Class
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class 2

-First Responder Medical Class w/ Army 18D
-Ben Stoeger Pistol Class
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class

-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class
-Kyle DeFoor Pistol Class
-NRA Instructor Courses - Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class (LEO Tactics Class)

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class
-Northern Red Gunfighter Pistol Class

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Instructor for Force-On-Force Class

-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC
-Tactical Performance Center Class - Handgun Mastery 1

-Tactical Performance Center Class - Handgun Mastery 2


-Instructor for Safe Handgun Course at RRGC

-Big Panda Performance 2-Day Competition Class (Charlie Perez)

-Christian Sailer USPSA Class

-Stop The Bleed Class Coordinator/Asst. Instructor


-Tim Herron Practical Performance Class

-Modern Samurai Red Dot Instructor Class

-Tom Castro Shooting Academy Class


-Instructor for Intro to Competition Course at RRGC

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