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T3 Pros LLC takes your pistol skills to the next level! Whether you have little to no experience or are a seasoned veteran, we have a class that will fit your needs.  Our classes will increase your skills in any endeavor - be it defensive or competition related.  Come join us on the range and see what you've been missing.  We’d love to meet you!

Marksmanship skills are not just developed overnight.  It takes training from a knowledgeable instructor and regular practice.  Our lead instructor is a former SWAT officer and USPSA Master class shooter. Since 2013, T3 Pros LLC has been providing quality pistol training in the San Francisco Bay area. We hone talent to maturity with quality coaching, constant improvement and a true love of the craft.



“By far the best shooting class I’ve been to….even far more impressive…is your instruction style and presence…everything presented was woven together in such an effective way and delivered conversationally but it was clear, concise and relevant.”


F. T.

"Class was awesome. [...] absolutely top notch instructors. Friendly, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, excellent communicators. Class is all substance…Highly recommend taking one of their classes."



"I have taken two classes from T3 Pros and I will be taking more…the teacher is very clear and had some insights that I needed to learn, and found some issues with my technique that so far no one else had seen."

Classes are held at the Richmond Rod and Gun Club

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